Why are so many thinking so small?

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Why are so many thinking so small?

Seen a lot of threads and discussion over what Sony may or may not do with future DSLR offerings.

Many bemoan the demise of the OVF.

Others eagerly entertain the onset of an A77, a potential SLT-like successor to the A700.

I for one welcome Sony's bold decision. Mirrorbox smirrorbox.

We don't have LP's anymore. We play CD's and now an iPod. Sony decision to go EVF is following (or most likely leading) a charge. Panasonic showed that an EVF is viable. And while Panasonic has upped the ante with CDAF for the their Still/Video machines Sony took it one step further with a Pellicle approach that preserves the sure-fire phase detect on a constant basis permitting a whopping 10fps on a camera that goes for $800 (U.S.).

Some have already complained that the AF can't keep up with the shutter. And that the Pellicle causes ghosting. And that you lose a whole 1/3 stop. And that the dynamic range is compromised because of the mirror. Perhaps an A77 will address those issues even better. Already Sony's Bionz image processing seems to be in a league better than all previous engines producing relatively noise free images with little detail damage up to ISO 800 or 1600 from an increasingly crowded APS-C sensor (a level that was once unheard of in Sony land). A sensor of SONY design that the folks at Nikon and Pentax seized on for their own models. Maybe the next Pellicle will have better coatings for better glare control to deal with the ghosting issue (which, by the way, is limited to situations where a hot spot or reflection is slightly left in the middle of the upper right quadrant. Maybe the articulating LCD will surprise you. Maybe it will eventually have weather sealing like the A850.

EVF's will become even more detailed. They've made it possible to provide FF viewing in a tiny body. What's wrong with that?

The Zeiss lenses aren't going away. At least from what I can tell. The newest addition from those wonderful folks who brought you Google Earth imagery was NOT a 35mm f2 or f1.4 but, rather, a 24mm f2, already a performer whose reviews have topped all the charts with comments like "the best lens ever" and other platitudes. A lens that acts like a 36mm optic on APS-C no less. If that isn't an endorsement for a SLT version of the A700 what is?

As for the existing Zeiss? The 16-35mm f2.8, the 24-70mm f2.8 zooms and the short teles at 85mm and 135mm respectively, they still work well. But in the land of the APS-C clearly there's weakness in the ultra wide area where we'd love to see an offering go wider (although Sigma seems to be offering an impressive option here for APS-C).

But now to my real point. Why are so many thinking so small when if I were the Sony who led the way with CD's, DVD's, Betamax (which was a flop initially but found a whole new life with the professional crowd) and imaginative state-of-the-art video I can see that while the mirror box is still viable EVF may be the way to go. And Sony, for one, has the resources to push it. (Panasonic, too, as the other big player in the HDTV world who had already developed EVF's for their TV Cams and realized that that division might supply those wonderful little EVF's to the camera division who'd been plodding along with their various Leica-glassed offerings.)

Why not go all the way with an EVF? The big Kahuna. The Holy Grail. In short, FF.

I mean, save for the 16-80 f3.5 all those luscious Zeiss lenses in the Sony stable were originally designed for FF. And the 24mm while perfect for APS-C does not cut off at APS-C.

So what may Sony have up their Nipponese sleeves? My guess is an eventual SLT A88 or A99 that will totally rock the photo world with an EVF camera with FF capability. Perhaps at 30 MP perhaps a better 24 or 25. Weather sealed and with magnesium construction. All in a lighter (but still solid feeling) compact body that would make anyone considering a Canon or Nikon alternative think again.

Just some thoughts. Now bring on the rebuttals.
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