Need advice for DSLR for shooting my new baby

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Local camera shop impressions

I was able to stop by my local camera shop to check out the options. I was hoping to get some guidance and help there, but it really just seemed like any other Best Buy; the guy was really pushing the Nikon D7000 and just kept hitting on the marketing bullet points for that camera without any real concern for what I was interested in. When I brought up the idea of investing more in lenses, he kept pushing the kit lens as being "great" for my purposes and that the only other lens I would need would be a "nice big" telephoto zoom. So I just didn't feel like he had my interests in mind . . .

I was able to check out the different camera bodies though, and that was nice. I looked at:
T2i (550D)
T3i (600D)


Based on general impression of the physical attributes (leaving aside the 3100), they all seemed to be pretty nice builds. I was expecting the magnesium body of the D7000 body to seem much better, and although it did seem more solid, the plastic rebel bodies appeared much nicer than I expected. That is, the difference wasn't as great as I thought it would be.

All of that makes me comfortable with the idea of either the T2i/T3i or the D90. It seems like the low light performance of the D90 is better (at least that what was said earlier in this thread), but the T2i (and more so with the T3i) might have better movie options (although I like that Nikon had a dedicated movie "record button).

Tough choice.

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