What's your XZ-1 Shutter Count? How to find out.

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What's your XZ-1 Shutter Count? How to find out.

I was reading some comments from Soon Ruey's review of the XZ-1 here:

and noticed he showed a screen for the shutter count and said it was the same as Esystem and PEN cameras. I found that sequence here:

Basically the process goes:
1.) Hold the Menu button while turning the camera On

2.) Hit Menu and enter the display brightness setup. (Located under the Wrench . It looks like a TV)

You should now see the brightness adjustment bar on the right.

3.) Hold the Info button while pressing Ok

You should now see a black Olympus Screen

3.) Hit (in order) Up , Down , Left , Right , Shutter , Up

4.) Hit Right to see your shutter count R is the shutter count. S is the flash count. There's different info on each of the directions although I don't know if they mean anything useful for the XZ-1.

Just turn the camera off when you're done.

What's your shutter count? Mine's 3,676 from chasing kids with it in continuous mode for 2 weeks. I'm cutting back though, I promise

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