sd4000 vs new 500 HS (having problems with my new SD4000)

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Re: sd4000 vs new 500 HS (having problems with my new SD4000)

jack12432 wrote:

I just bought a SD4000 a few weeks ago but noticed the 500HS is coming out soon. From what I can tell, the 500 HS seems to be a comparable model (poss. replacement?) to the SD4000. Based on the specs, would the 500 HS have better picture quality? (I personally don't care about the 1080p or touch screen).

No, the 500 HS will not have noticeably better quality photos. The files are a tad bigger, but with these two cameras the lens is what's holding back the image quality, not the pixel resolution.

It's always possible that the 500 HS will focus faster, but I wouldn't count on it. It's true, the SD4000 isn't the fastest focusing camera (neither is the S95 or G12 for that matter). Not sure why... older Canon SD cameras seemed faster (could be I'm remembering wrong though).

The exposure issue is normal for every digital camera. Just learn to compensate for it either by setting exposure/focus with a half press then recomposing, or by using exposure compensation (press up, then rotate the dial).

Go to a store and try the 500 HS out in person. That's the only way you'll know if you like the focus and handling. Don't worry about the image quality. Canon is pretty consistent across the board with the SD series.

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