3 Lenses for National Parks?

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Re: I think that this is by far the best advice

Obviously we all agree with 'knowledge' over tech, for anyone and anyday!

We all have seen great cell phone shots or pinhole or 2mp 1D shots!

But the first thing this guy mentioned was 'I have a 70-200mm IS with 1.4....', well I 'ASSuMEd' he likely must know something about photography but did not have experience shooting in NP's. (Either that OR he inherited the lens or has much more $$ than he makes out. )

But even still, the fundamental question is 'landscape' OR/And wildlife.

Landscape = somehow achieve WA (UWA lens or stitching)

Wildlife= LONG LONG lens, 500mm or better (70-200mm not long enough, maybe 100-400mm w/1.4)

But since I have been to almost all US NP's (including those he mentioned), the above is what it mostly reduces to.

And personally, the answer is BOTH!

Them buffalo, elk, sheep, birds and fabulous landscape ALL WANT to be photographed!!!!! We must abide to their will!

BobT wrote:

No doubt....this does make the most sense.

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