AF comparison between 500D/50D/60D/7D?

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Re: AF comparison between 500D/50D/60D/7D?

The AF performance and viewfinders of the 50/60D are way ahead of any of the x00D cameras. For center point one-shot AF, they are as good as any camera out there. Their off-center points are also very reliable and a huge improvement over the x00D off-center points, which are nearly useless in anything but perfect light and good subject contrast.

The 50/60D VF is a pentaprism model with 0.95x mag and 95% coverage, whereas the x00D cams are pentamirrors with 0.87x mag and same coverage. There's a huge difference in visible size, eyepoint and brightness between the two. For your personal reference, the 50/60D VF are about the same size and brightness as the Oly E-3/5 (not as good coverage, but much nicer eyepoint)

The 7D is a large improvement in AF over the 50/60D (and a country mile better than x00D), but the improvement is more noticeable for Ai-Servo, off center point useage and customizability. If your dad wants to keep it simple and only shoot one-shot, center point, then the 7D will not be better for him than a 50/60D. I would suggest using Ai-servo for birds however; I don't think there's a bird photographer out there who doesn't use Servo, even for static shots.

The 7D's VF is a nice step above the x0D VFs, as it is 1.00x mag and 100% coverage, with a nice, big eyecup and the best eyepoint short of a 1-series, but it's not quite as dramatic an improvement as x00D> x0D.

Personally, my suggestion would be to pick up an x0D camera if he isn't interested in learning all of the 7D's AF permutations and learning to shoot with Servo, but if he wants the best performance and doesn't mind putting in some time to learn, then the 7D is the better choice.

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