Puzzled and happy

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Puzzled and happy

So, yes, I am puzzled.

I'm not going to go into great detail, but here's where my head is at.

Some of my favorite pics (my personal favs) have been declined by the PPG.

Some others, that I really, really like, have been accepted.

And at least one, that I threw in on a lark, got accepted also. I'm not saying it is a bad shot, 'cause it ain't. I like it. I thought it was cool. I didn't expect the majority to agree with me. But they did.

I don't submit anything, ever, that I don't think has merit. It isn't that. It is just, kinda like looking at a Venn diagram where the tastes of the group, and the tastes of photographer have a relatively small intersection point.

I both like, and intensely dislike, the PPG format. I would like, for example, to have a sense of why a photo was declined. I don't care who declined it, but it would be nice if one had to provide a reason for a yes or no vote, and the photographer could see those reasons.

In more than one case, knowing why someone voted no might really help me improve what I'm doing. And yeah, if someone took the time to enter that information, I'd take the time to read it, and think about it.

So, I'm a little puzzled. I'll work through it. I always do. But I'm starting to think that maybe I should broaden my own criteria for what to submit. Maybe I'm being too narrow....

I'm not, to be clear, looking for an answer here (and yes, sometimes I channel Dr. Susse). All I'm saying is I don't care who votes how, it would help me if I knew, thumbs up or down, why. And yes, I know this would make the voting process more laborious. I've voted on lots of photos. And, in more than one case, I've wished I could say at least a few words about why.

After all, if we can put 140 characters out on Twitter, shouldn't we be able to send that back to the photographer anonymously?

Just my $0.02.......

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