Series of group photos, tips/advice/equipment question

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Re: Thank you all

AdriaanMeijer wrote:

I want to thank all who read my request and even more the ones that replied.

What I already did was buying a flash with AF-assist beam, the Metx 58 AF-2:
It's capable to be a slave too (will calculate the preflash as preflash)

And the relector that fits on it, the metz bounce diffuser 58-23 (better light, less harsh, less redeye)

I'll be experimenting with these.

Also next time there'll be:

  • a broad (4 meters) background cloth

  • two lights (halogeen) with polystirene reflectors (a cheap DIY solution). Will help with both focussing as well as better lighting. Have to be carefull to have a well balanced lighting with available light, 2 lights and the flash. Also if the flash is not the main lightsource (not sure here) I have to take notice of the shuttertimes involved, don't want to have camerablur.

You should EITHER use halogen lights OR flash. You run into exposure balancing issues, and also White Balance issues. The color temperature of the halogen bulbs are 3400 Kelvin, the flash much higher.

You will have to gel one of the sources to match the other, and use that WB as camera setting.

And, as you say, with halogens you might need longer shutter times, and will get blur.

If you use flash, you can still use a halogen as focus assist. But far better is strobes with modelling light.

Also, I would abandon any idea of using AF.
Either it would give focus in center all the time (wth dubious composition),
or waisting time to pick AF points,
or you would have to use AF-lock and recompose.

With a job like this, standardisation is good. Try a tripod. Mark where subjects should stand, and mark where your tripos would be (approximately) with 1, 2 or 3 persons.

And yes, my camera comes with a mini USB connector (can be used for tethered shooting), yet I think i'll be better off without 'strings attached'.

Hmm, I wonder what we did before the IR and radio triggers...

I have shot several houndred thousand studioshots with a cable attached. But of course, movement is less restricted.

BTW, the bouncer on that flash is next to useless on groups. The difference in relative size of light source vs. subjects is too small to matter. Use an umbrella.

Posted this as a reply on the last reply, hope the ones that view 'threaded' will still read it.
All in my humble opionion of course!

If I seem to talk nonsense or you can't understand me, it's probably my English

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