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Re: Pocket Wizard TT1 TT5 for Nikon

martinchristopher wrote:

I just got a TT1/TT5 system for Nikon. It works as claimed on my D700. It does NOT work on my D3x. All settings are identical and firmware is up to date. I can't seem to get any technical support out of Pocket Wizard.

Since starting this thread, I bought a set on the 11th. February for use with a D3x. I found so many problems with them and variations between different cameras (D3x, D2x, D7000) that they were just untenable, so I sent them back.

I requested support too, firstly on the 13th. then on 20th. and received nothing until after threatening to send them back unless I heard back from technical support by the 28th. They didn't reply on time. When they did reply to my initial request to say there was a bug in the firmware and it was forwarded to an engineer and they didn't know when it might be fixed, it was too late, the PW's were gone and the list of problems was far greater than my initial request and any benefit they could provide.


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