AF comparison between 500D/50D/60D/7D?

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Re: AF comparison between 500D/50D/60D/7D?

There are two menu items in the 7D that I like to use when shooting basketball where there's plenty of distractions crossing my focus point.

C.FN III-1 - AI SERVO TRACKING SENSITIVITY. There are five settings to choose from. Slow, modrately slow, standard, moderately fast and fast. Set to slow, the AF will not jump immediatley jump to anything that jumps into frame where as fast will try to adjust as quickly as possible to any image crossing your focus points.

C.FN III-3 AI SERVO AF TRACKING METHOD. You have two choices, Main Focus Point Priority, where the 7D will track the nearest object that enters the frame or Continuous AF Tracking Priority, if will continue to track focus on the first object the focus locks onto.

Both apply only in the AI servo focus modes.

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