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Re: USB 3.0 and eSATA card reader review

It is about 5/16 of an inch deep, and the cards fit firmly (no wiggling that might result in a bad transfer).

Not worried about being loose once it's in (although yes that would be bad).

It's just that the deeper the slot the more likely it is that the card will be travelling perfectly straight when it encounters the tips of the pins. Over the years I've found that readers with deep slots are MUCH less likely to have issues with pins being bent.

As far as I can tell, the only times I've seen pins bent in deep slot is when either:

  • A stupid (l)user has put a card in sideways (not much we can do about that risk). Or

  • The matching holes on a card have been damaged (e.g. scratched up) by repeated use in a reader with dodgy pins (i.e. a shallow slot that was previously damaged). That card has then started catching the tip of the pin in the deep slot and eventually it's got bent.

As long as you're careful, there should be no problem with either type of slot. Problem is, in the heat of the moment we're not always careful...

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