Oops my FZ18 beats my D7000 again!

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Oops my FZ18 beats my D7000 again!

first, as I've said: after about 3 months w my D7000, and nearly 7000 shots, I have started to pick up my old FZ18 MORE, not less.

For the following reasons:

  • it's smaller and lighter: so easier to have with me at all times

  • its macro or near-macro performance is just miles ahead of what the D7000 can do with the lenses I currently own (35mm f1.8, 85mm f1.4, 18-200 3.5-5.6): it can get much closer physically

  • its macro performance is also much nicer at the long end at 500mm equiv.

  • sure I could buy say a 105mm macro lens for my D7000. But why bother: just one more lens to potentially not have on at the right time

of course my D7000 DOES deliver (see bottom of this). But, it's just clearly more bulky and heavy, and less flexible (you won't always have the "right" lens with you, be it at home or while traveling). And thus WILL miss a number of interesting shots. As a result I'm increasingly coming to the conclusion that, for most people, DSLR's just are NOT the best photographic tool of choice. Most people who want manual controls are MUCH better served by a superzoom. Most other people are best served by an iPhone.


(1) tree flower buds. again sure I COULD get a similar (or even better) shot w the D7000. At the cost of needing to buy, and carry, one more lens. And having it on at that time. Hmmm, how inconvenient, especially on a hike.

w FZ-18 (504mm equiv)

same shot w D7000 (300mm equiv)

(2) small object, a painted clay pyramid. Happened to have the 85mm f1.4 on the D7000. Focus wasn't as perfectly clean on the D7000 despite numerous attemps in both phase-detect and contrast-detect. And of course ability to show the object was limited as this lens' closest focusing distance is quite long - but again this is real life w a DSLR...

shot w FZ-18 at 504mm equiv

same object w D7000 at 85mm (127mm equiv), f5, 1/500th


(3) small object, a postal stamp. I didn't even turn around to avoid shade from the lens at very close focusing distance (28mm equiv). Still such a shot is impossible w my D7000, unless I start walking around w a dedicated macro lens. Hmmm.


Do I NOT like my D7000? Sure I do - it's just clearly more bulky and heavy and less flexible and thus WILL miss a number of interesting shots. But it DOES deliver, for example here (most of us care more about people right?):


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