Should I upgrade from D90 (18-105) to A55 (18-250)?

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Re: Should I upgrade from D90 (18-105) to A55 (18-250)?

HSP09 wrote:

g4rvd4 wrote:

In spite of what someone else has posted, buying lenses for sony need not be as expensive as for other brands like nikon. The reason is the built in SS. And of course, availability of classic old minolta glass. You just need to be a little patient and maybe scan the listings in ebay thoroughly. I bought the 50mm Minolta for around $35, and a new tamron 70-300 Di LD Macro can be bought for $130. These two along with the kit 18-55 offer pretty good versatility.

Please, let's not compare buying 3rd party used lens vs Nikon/Canon lenses, especially on eBay. Let's compare prices apples to apples new...CZ lenses to Nikon/Canon at a reputable store.

Quality glass=Quality IQ.

Older minolta= quality glass

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