Died, destroyed, drowned or neglected for something better?

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Died, destroyed, drowned or neglected for something better?

I was wondering what spelt the end-of-the-line (graveyard, cupboard or sale) for cameras these days. This was prompted by posters talking about there wanting 'pro-build' cameras. It struck me that in ye olden days, when camera technology wasn't changing fast, having a camera that could withstand mechanical wear and tear was important because bodies were kept for a long time (I splurged on an Nikon F3, thinking that it would 'last me a lifetime'). These days, digital means that bodies are obsolete before they get a chance to be damaged, meaning that a lighter cheaper camera may be the better choice.

So what happened to the cameras you no longer use? For cameras that you have stopped using in the last 5 years, please give:

  • Class of camera: SLR, P&S, m43 etc

  • Make and model (if known)

  • Reason no longer in use: mechanical/electronic failure, mechanical damage (dropped etc - including into water), weather damage, upgraded (whether sold or sitting in the cupboard). (Add additional categories if necessary)

Me first:
P&S; Minolta dimage (?); upgraded to Panny P&S
P&S; Panasonic F9(?); upgraded to Canon S90
DSLR; Nikon D100 partially upgraded, then stolen (house break)
DSLR; Nikon D80 'upgrading' to D3100 (and poss D7000)

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