InkJetFly Cartridges for 3880

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Re: InkJetFly Cartridges for 3880

This seems to imply that you have knowledge of quality issues or, at least, assume there are quality issues. I'd love to know what they are based on. I'm not being argumentative, just asking. As I said, I believe there are reasons why someone would at least consider doing this. Cost is one, but convenience and the increased quantity are others. Unless there is a known or reasonably suspected quality issue, I don't see how this is 'stepping over a dollar...'. Is it just brand loyalty or something else?

Steve House wrote:
It's stepping over a dollar to pick up dime, IMHO.

Flint350 wrote:

Why is it sad? There are several good reasons to consider doing it, but no one is forced to do so.

JulesJ wrote:

You get a great new printer like the 3800 and immediately want to stuff others inks in it. That's sad.

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