Need advice for DSLR for shooting my new baby

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Re: like I said, bodies come and go

While, I do not disagree with many of the lens recommendations as to both quality and focal length, I have a different take on bodies. Having 3 children and now 5 grandchildren, those little babies will grow to be toddlers and kids. I find that a camera with an articulating LCD essential for easily bringing the camera down to eye level of little kids without either breaking the back or getting on the floor. My daughter had a baby in mid February and the articulating LCD has come in handy as I try to keep the sensor plane parallel to the baby.

I am not sure of all the cameras that have articulating LCD's (Panasonic G2, Panasonic GH2, Sony NEX5; I think there are other Sony bodies, as well as possibly Pentax, Canon, and Nikon bodies with articulating LCD's).

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