I find the sensor size conventions to be a pain to understand

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Re: I find the sensor size conventions to be a pain to understand

I've gone through a number of point and shoots myself, spanning across several manufacturers and generations of hardware. There is simply more to it than the sensor specs. Which is exactly why I said comparing sample images is more important. This exercise will tell you infinitely more about the quality of the results you can gleam from some ratio that is meaningless to most people. It's simply not a universal truth that larger sensors are always better. It can give some indication, sure, but it's not a 1:1 relationship and not even close to being as good of a measuring stick as your eyes are when looking at the resulting images.

If hardware specs were the only thing that were important in determining how pleasing the resulting pictures are, the G12 and S95 would be in big trouble with their tiny sensor, yet they aren't in trouble at all. The images they produce are plenty good, even compared to results from a lot of the 4/3 cameras out there. Hell, I've seen some favorable comparisons to APS-C sensors at low ISO. At high ISO, granted, things can change a bit there, but there are no compact point and shoots that handle high ISO as well as an SLR, so it's pointless to even even try comparing given today's technology.

Bottom line is you need to look at the end results when the camera is used in the way that you'd use it. The specs of the hardware don't matter too much as long as they don't get in your way. It's what you get out of it that matters. The proof is in the pudding, as they say.

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