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Going further off-topic

HiRez wrote:

Good explanation, Grevture, but wow, that's crazy!

I would say a million images a year is unusually much, half that number, or 600k as in Mariannes case is probably not even that unusual among event shooters. My numbers (100k+) are reflective of the fact I am a half time photographer, half time writing journalist ...

That has to be terabytes worth of storage redundancy for backup.

Yes, and?

A 1TB disk is less then $250 these days. For a working photographer with tens of thousands invested in photo gear, then add salary for yourself, transportation, insurance and a million others costs ... Storage is far from a major obstacle. The bigger impact is the time involved in dealing with all images in a secure and organized way.

Sheesh. And what happens when you try to load that many images into a Lightroom or Aperture library? Doesn't it choke?

I managed to choke up Lightroom 2.x pretty bad from time to time, but between Lightroom 3.x and going from 8 to 16 GB of RAM in my main computer, nope.

Even my poor old beat up four year old laptop deal pretty gracefully with the large amounts of images passing through it. Though when working with images on the laptop, I usually try to import in smaller batches as I go along and also avoid building 1:1 previews. And equipping that laptop with a SSD drive gave a significant boost.

When shooting large amounts of images, you workflow become important. Here I would love to hear from other high volume shooters how they organoze their work - I am pretty happy with my current workflow, but reading about how other deal with 200-400-600k images a year could be helpful and interesting.

But that should be dealt with in a separate thread since it has nothing to do with the original topic of this thread - which is vere interesting by itself.

I think it is well past time to call it quits on the off-topic branch ...

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