AF comparison between 500D/50D/60D/7D?

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Re: AF comparison between 500D/50D/60D/7D?

The 50D and 60D have better viewfinders than the 500D, 550D, and 600d; the 7D has an even better viewfinder.

Only the 7D has spot AF and it does make a difference in cases like the ones you describe, but even it isn't foolproof. Even spot AF covers a bigger area than the little spot in the viewfinder. But it really does help sometimes and I use it often both for birds in trees and for tiny little birds like hummingbirds. Spot AF is one of the reasons I bought the 7D.

Given a clear shot, however, all the cameras you mention should do fine with center AF point and one-shot AF.

For flying birds using AI servo, the 7D is best, then the 60D and 50D, and the others not so good. The 7D also has the highest burst rate, and sometimes that can help even with sitting birds.


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