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sgts wrote:

ZoranC wrote:

sgts wrote:

the highlights are blown out

Who cares? First, we were talking sharpness, not retaining of highlights. Second, I was interested to expose face correctly to quickly check the lens, and in conditions shot was taken in (strong sun behind the person while he is in shade) any other camera would have blown highlights too.

this is useless without the raw files.

Check out settings used in JPEG, remember this was wide open, and then realize if I have shot this at F4 to 5.6 and I was in mood to give you RAW files they would have been so sharp after processing that you would have to sign the waiver in case you cut yourself while opening them.

I'm not talking about your off-topic shots from a nex5, i'm talking about the fuji. Most people know fuji used to have a super ccd sensor with 12 stops dynamic range. The blown highlights indicate they may have gone backwards, unless the raw file is available and we could try the recovery slider in camera raw to see fully.Therefore the fuji tiffs here are not as informative as they could be.

Whoops, sorry, I thought it is NEX5 shot you were talking about because of mention of hair

P.S. I don't think it is off topic, I think it is on topic, because topic is sharpness.

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