Quick Poll: Outdoor Flash Technique

Started Mar 1, 2011 | Discussions thread
jfinite Veteran Member • Posts: 8,099
Some thoughts...

For me, having an assistant makes things so much easier. They can shlepp things around and hold your lights, and watch your back (depending on which area of town you're in).

I use umbrellas exclusively, love the light they put out. I imagine a softbox might be a touch better as far as control of spill and such, but I shoot outdoors so that isn't usually a problem, and the cost of softboxes is prohibitive. I've seen some pretty cheap ($40), but the reviews are mixed, so I'm hesitant to buy them.

In most cases, I really don't like bare flash, but I've been forced to do it when my stands have blown over multiple times and I've been unable to wrangle a friend to help out.


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