Need advice for DSLR for shooting my new baby

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Re: like I said, bodies come and go

PeterF wrote:

Hum, I'll take your word for it but like I mentioned in a previous post, bodies come and go.

My current DSLR is a Canon 20D - a virtual museum piece by today's standards but it works fine.

Not sure when I'll upgrade although I have to admit the new bodies are looking pretty good, especially with the incorporation of video.

Speaking of which, I tend to upgrade my pocket cameras a lot more often. Right now I'm using the Panny ZS3 which takes pretty darn good pics and video.


I dont disagree with you at all..

My point was simply, you need a GOOD body regardless of brand.. And having used all of the Canon T (Rebels, by another name) cameras.. I dont think that is the direction to go.. they are getting higher and higher in pixel count, and lower and lower in Hi ISO performance.

There are really great lenses available for Nikon, Pentax, Canon et al.. The OP is limited only by the budget!

In order to take advantage of those lenses, he should get a body that responds well at low light levels, hence the recommendation for Nikon or some of the Pentax line.

Though Canon used to be the "King of High ISO" they seem to have lost that crown in all but the very top of their line in Full frame (which is VERY expensive).

By the way.. That Canon 20 D was probably the best of its class in almost everything it does, when it was new... I have, and use, DSLRs that are about the same vintage.. If I found a 20 D out there on the used market for a good price I would probably snap it up quickly..

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