Am I crazy to go 35mm w/ negative scans?

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Anthony wrote:

Scott Eaton wrote:

I have an old Mamiya C33 I love using as well....

I have two working RB's and several cases of drum scans from the beasts to this day I still sell 20x30's from. My 60D is 1000x more flexible and produces better linear I.Q.

Also, no working professional prior to the invention of dSLR's ever made a frikken dime selling or publishing a landscape or commercial images from print film. Ask any legitimate working commercial or landscape photographer how much print film they shot before they bought their dSLR (other than weddings or senior portraits) and the answer would be '0'.

Some guy.... I think his name was Ansel did pretty well for himself.

So does John Sexton, Clyde Butcher, the Westons, etc, etc. One thing the almighty (in his mind) Scot Eaton forgets is that color neg film for landscape really didn't each a top level of quality until the time digital arrived.

Color neg is very popular though with some of the best wedding and portraiture photographers around. Look up people like Jose Villa, Leah McCormick, Leo Patrone, Riccis Vallederes, Jonathan Canlas, Tracy Tesmer, and on and on. There is a reason why they prefer film. And none of them care what 1 hr minilab people likeScott have to say.

If I were to ask you to post all those fantastic images from you C33 you'd call me a troll or something and make up an excuse. With film, it's not about the pictures. It's about the excuse because you no longer have to be accountable for bad images.

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