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Re: Monopods

there is come great advice on here. I have just come back from Tanzania, which is very open. I was using a 55-250m IS Canon lens and I must admit, I could of done with a bit more reach at times, mainly for real close ups of the face etc, but mostly this was enough.

I suggest the IS as it's good for when the jeep is moving..its pretty bumpy sometimes.

If I had the time, I probably would of hired teh 400m lens before, but I left it too late to ask for advice on here so couldn't. But it depends on what you need/want to take pictures of.

I had two bodies, one for wide shots and the tele on my 7D. I have to say I used the tele for 95% of shots, even landscape ones as it was so vast I didn't need a wide for most landscapes.

I think whatever you take, you will get used to and enjoy anyway. Do what you can afford to do, and just enjoy the experience mostly, getting too bogged down in taking shots is not what you are going for (well I didn't) it was the experience. Saying that. I took 1000 pictures in a week. I was being quite tight and deleting blurred ones immediately too. Take lots of cards.

Taking a monopod, I wouldn't bother, most of the time I leaned on the jeep. Most jeeps have lots of space ontop and sliding windows too. I had IS too, so that helped.

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