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I am constantly amazed ...

... by some posters lack of imagination in realizing that different people might use cameras in quite different ways

HiRez wrote:

Marianne Oelund wrote:

krisw wrote:

go take pictures

The 600,000 that I took last year are not enough for you?

You can't be serious about that, can you? 600,000 pictures in one year? That's 3-4 shots per minute, 8 hours per day, every day of the year.

I recently saw a number of similar replies in a thread over at the Canon forum over numbers of images taken with different cameras (and the life expectancy of shutters). Some people seem confused by the shooting habits of even a modest sports shooter like myself clicking away at a rather pedestrian 100-150k images/year.

Just this last Tuesday, I was talking at length with a event shooter who has for the past years regularily been shooting nearly a million images per year. And no, he does not do much of his post processing himself. And yes, many of his images do not get any post processing at all. And yes, he has a shelf in his office with a number of worn out Eos 1D Mk2 and Mk3 cameras. And a couple of recently added D3 bodies ... I know this is a very extreme and rare example, but photographers really come in all sizes and shapes, and they indeed do use their equipment in quite different ways.

Mariannes shooting habits are fairly well documented in these forums, since she has been friendly enough to take time to share her experiences and findings in a wide range of photographic subjects over the years - AF performance, battery capacity, camera durability, astro photography, stackling of TC's and also more scientific minded explorations into lenses and sensor like this current thread. Just to mention a few subjects.

I for one really apprecieate that Marianne takes time to share from her vast experience and from the results from her scientific and engineering curiosity.

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By the way, film is not dead.
It just smell funny

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