Need advice for DSLR for shooting my new baby

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Re: OP, did you mean actual portrait photography?

PeterF wrote:

Hum, maybe you have a point there . . . about portrait photography. I was assuming that the OP didn't really mean portrait photography in the literal sense because of the $1200 budget.

So what is it OP? Do you want to do actual full blown portrait photography? If so, you'll have to shell out more that $1200 and the suggestions by the above post are quite valid.

But if you just want to get into a DSLR with a descent lens to be able to take some nice shots of your baby then the Sigma 17-50mm F2.8 EX DC OS HSM or equivalent, as mentioned in my previous post, is an option worth considering. The main reason being that it's F2.8 throughout it's range. (I've taken some pretty good 'portraits' with this lens under natural light at 50mm. Not as good as what a 1.8 85mm can do, but pretty darn good.)

Wow, some really great advice in this thread, thanks everyone!

Peter, You are correct in your initial assumption. I'm clearly way too new to know what I'm talking about and I'm using terms I don't fully understand. I want to take pictures of the new kid in any and all settings and I'm calling that "portrait" photography, but you are right, that's not really what I am after. I think I took that term from the idea that some of the prime lens are noted for being good "portrait" lens and work well in low light.

I really appreciate the advice and suggestions. Now that I know more, I think the smart way to spend the money is on the lenses (can I call it "glass" if I'm this new?). And the more I browse lens prices, the more I realize that I may need to up my budget!

So what would you all recommend as the ideal "starter" set and a realistic budget to work with? T2i body + the Sigma 17-50mm F2.8 + . . . ? $1500?

And where is a good place to look for used gear? I really hesitate to look to ebay if I need to trust the quality of a used lens.

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