5d Mk II Largest Blow Ups Attempted

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Re: 5d Mk II Largest Blow Ups Attempted

I still haven't tried it yet but here is the math as I see it:

The "best" possible prints will be in the 300 dpi range. That appears to be the limit of what digital print technology can do for us at this point (and please let's not discuss any theoretical virtual dpi counts given on those ink jet printers they give away with expensive cameras...). So what does that mean? Most prints at more normal sizes (say 8x10 or so) will have lots of detail calculated out of the print. There are simply not enough dots in the print to show everything that your 5DII has recorded.

If you want to see the full 5616x3744 pixels you'd have to go with a print about 18" x 12" (roughly 48x32cm). That's pretty big but it will be approximately a 1 to 1 translation of the camera's information. If you go bigger things will become a little more coarse. But obviously you will be further away to look at it.

Again, given available digital technology at standard 300 dpi I would think of 18x12 (or so) as the "sweet spot" where all information is displayed while nothing gets stretched out yet.

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