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Re: OT colours on CV28 3.5

uhoh07 wrote:

Sverker Ahrent wrote:

uhoh07 wrote:

Einmalumdiewelt wrote:
Wow! Looks like I found my next lens!
Do you some more posted somewhere?

uhoh07 wrote:

w/ CV 28mm F/3.5 Skopar

It's a very nice lens, as all the skopars are--but it does have color shifts on the nex and of course the M9, which are fixed fast in Cornerfix.

@ uhoh07 and others:

I don't like the idea of jet another program but I can't do anything about the colours in the sky when I use my CV color-skopar 28. I can't get Lightroom to fix it. Do I need Cornerfix? Can cornerfix fix these colour shifts?

Really like that boat.

Yes, cornerfix is designed to deal exactly with this issue (because of M9 doing same thing) and is already set up for nex.

It's free.

google it up and check it out.

I need to get going with it myself. You must use .dng files, but you will see.

Once used to it I don't think it's too time consuming.

BTW am impressed by the clarity of the 28 skopar. For size and sharpness, it's very good.

Thanks for the comment and clarification on Cornerfix. I guess it's possible to work out a workflow that I can live with. DNG-converter, Cornerfix and finally LR with a possible Silver Efex or Photomatix. Or maybe directly in to LR, DNG conversion and Cornerfix from there...
Sverker (GMT+1)

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