Superzoom to carry on bicycle

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Re: Superzoom to carry on bicycle

I ride a fair bit - about 100 miles a week, which includes some climbing
on mountain roads - and understand your desire for light weight photo
gear. I have carried large (Canon 5d Mk II), medium (Canon T1i) and
small (Panasonic TZ's) cameras with me on my rides. Unless I have
a specific photographic agenda which requires one of my larger
cameras, my usual camera these days for bike rides, especially ones
which include a lot of climbing, is a Panasonic ZS-1. It is small and
light, has a very useful zoom range, and produces very good images.

I have been looking at the current crop of superzooms for something
that would give me a bit more reach, but so far haven't found anything
which is enough of an upgrade to get me to switch.

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