Sell 4/3 Wide and Mid for m4/3 Wide Angle Mid?

Started Feb 28, 2011 | Discussions thread
gandalfII Senior Member • Posts: 1,952
Re: Sell 4/3 Wide and Mid for m4/3 Wide Angle Mid?

I just compared some EPL-1 (sensor similar to E5) images taken with the 11-22 and the 9-18 micro. Though the m4/3 lens does surprisingly well the EPL1/11-22 combination is simply mind boggling. Much greater sharpness and saturation of the bigger lens, and improved performance of the EPL-1 sensor produce the best wide angle images I've ever seen. The pana 7-14 is said to be a little better than the oly 9-18, but of course the oly 7-14 is in a class by itself. So I think you'd be disappointed to have to rely only on M4/3 lenses only in any particualr focal length range, though they'll be a good choice in many situations.

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