A wise backup stratagy

Started Mar 2, 2011 | Discussions thread
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dileshthaker Regular Member • Posts: 254
A wise backup stratagy

Hi Backup has been the bain of my life for the last 10 years. While I have fortunately not lost data, I nearly have. I wonder if my stratagy listed below seems sensible:

My desktop computer used for office type work, internet, photos and some video - typical useage really.


1. I have a dropbox account for Document part of 'My documents'. This is primary storage for work/excel files that I may need to access from anywhere.

2. Acronis True Image 2011 - Weekly system image formation on a connected external HD.

3. Backup of data only - either true image true image 2011 OR western digital 'my passport' backup software to another connected Ext HD

Regarding point 3 - Using TI 2011, I have set the option to weekly create a new data backup from fresh (overwriting the last), and each day in between , it does an incremental backup. Thus is any part of this gets corrupted, data will be baked up from afresh once weekly. I have not used the WD backup software - so would appreciate views as to whether this is better.

I don't wasnt to spend hours a day backing up and wonder if my balence seems sensible. I am reluctant to put it to the test!

One further question is that although my pics get backed up, how do I ensure my LR3 database is backed up with it, so that in case of failure, I can restore the original pics and the edits I have made in LR.

Many thanks


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