Fujifilm hybrid AF just a passing fad?

Started Jan 5, 2011 | Discussions thread
Zamac Senior Member • Posts: 1,216
Re: Nodt needed?

PD focusing and the FP shutter served the SLR well for many many years, but their time is now past. The global electronic shutter has many advantages over the mechanical FP shutter and CD focusing has many advantages over PD. Both, however, require extremely fast read out and processing which, up to now has not been available.

Fast CD Focusing requires that the image is evaluated continuously as the focus changes, requiring a brief change of direction at the end (and possibly at the start) of the lens movement. I suspect that the sampling rate can still be improved and more pixels can be evaluated. The predictive advantage of PD vanishes when the CD can keep up with the maximum speed of lens movement. Lenses with hypersonic motors will work beautifully with fast CD focusing, legacy lenses not quite so well and CD focus confirmation for manual will be no worse than any other method of deciding on manual focus.

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