D7000 is FANTASTIC but... (long+videos+pics)

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Re: D7000 is FANTASTIC but... (long+videos+pics)

TheTeh wrote:

Having read all the recent posts on AF issues, I'm seriously thinking to send mine in to Nikon. My 16-85 could not be fixed by fine tune but the 35g could which makes me undecided.

Just an update, I finally gave up to this af curiosity and got a d7k, having prepared my mind to return or exchange it asap if this issue is that bad. First thing first I really enjoyed the new body, very good jpg and awb down to silent shutter and very swift operations. Next immediate step is the return of that 5 watt (not 10 !) bulb next to ipod ... while i'm too lazy to update my results table above, it's clear that d7k did no worse than the 2 older bodes. It showed more consistent results and, dare I say it, sometimes better (closer to subject af point) than the other 2 under tungsten, especially on yellow kodak sleeves.

Next test, outdoor daylight, bad news: almost half of my lenses needed fine tune, but once a rough correction was dialed in, they're quite reliable. I put more attention to 35/1.8 and it was excellent at +7, spot-on regardless of distance. The one that required beyond +20 was tamron 70-200/2.8, rest are below 10, with most curses went to the testing of tokina 10-17 and old sigma 10-20 (+4 and +5 respectively after straining my eye). All adjustment was for frontfocus, quite strange that 18-200 also needed adjustment. The only twitchy lens left is 35/2D.

Btw those are with real objects and I don't think I will go the af chart route. So far I'm satisfied with its results, and will keep this copy as-is rather going back through another iteration of lens tests. I had a (bigger) problem with my d90 which gave unpredictable intermittent oof that can't be reproduced ... hopefully that will never happen with this d7k.

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