EX1 reliability and variation in lens quality

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EX1 reliability and variation in lens quality

Hi All,

I'm interested in purchasing an EX1 but I would like clarifications on certain matters before I take the plunge. They are:

1) I understand that the build quality of this camera is great but what about its reliability?

2) I have noticed that some users have complained of their images being on the soft side as well as being too bright at times. Is this a lens/camera issue or user issue? When working properly is the lens capable of being as sharp as the Canon G12. I was formerly using a Canon A610 with 1/1.8 sensor that gave me pretty punchy and sharp images until it recently died on me. I would hate to think that this camera would give better images than the EX1. Hopefully there is no comparison between the two.

3) I am aware that there are some metering issues. Can this be sorted with exposure compensation?

4) One of the main motivations to purchase this particular camera is its ability to shoot indoors without flash. However in the event that I do want to use flash is it as weak as people/reviewers say. I'm talking about taking photos of around six people in low light about 3 to 4 meters away.

5) High ISO performance is a key attraction but in the review on this website why is there a marketable difference in the High ISO score between this camera and its canon equivalents(G12/S95)

6) How long is the charging time and how many shots can one get at highest resolution assuming flash is used occasionally.

7) Can the RAW software that comes with the unit be used with Mac or do I need something like Lightroom? Is it compatible with Adobe?

8) The EX1 and the G12 use the same Sony supplied sensor. If this is the case why is there a difference in sensor scores on DXOMARK.COM. See link below

http://www.dxomark.com/index.php/Camera-Sensor/Compare/Compare-sensors/ (appareil1) 666|0 (appareil2) 665|0 (onglet) 0 (brand) Samsung (brand2) Canon

9) The G12 was also on the list but I am inclined towards the EX1 due to its build quality/form factor, bright and wide angle lens, amoled display and not to mention cheaper price making it very good value for money based on paper specs.

10) I know this may be a push but can this camera hold its own against an entry level DSLR with standard kit lens at low iso's.

If these points can be clarified then based on feedback I might actually go and get one tomorrow morning.

Thanks in advance.


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