D300 vs. D7000 low ISO noise

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Re: iso 100 difference

Many thanks, this implies that for landscape photographers(who may use tripod) , the D7000 at iso 100 would give lower noise, better dynamic range and more megapixels (of course) compared to D300? ?

cheers and thanks.

teodorian2 wrote:

vicpug wrote:

Looking at the dxolabs graphs - there appears to be about a 5 to 6db difference at iso 100 between d300 and d7000. Does that equate to 2 fstops lower noise? thanks

3 dB is 1 EV or stop.

Comparing at base ISO the 7000 is 4.3 dB or almost 1 1/2 EV better.

At ISO 1600 the difference is 2/3 EV (2 dB).

DR is however much better on the D7000: 1.2 EV at ISO 1600.

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