Can someone email me a nicely done 35mm scan?

Started Feb 28, 2011 | Discussions thread
Ron Kruger Senior Member • Posts: 1,975
Re: I'll try and find some good ones for you.

I agree with Sage. The only thing I'd add from my experience, is the best compromise between time and quality I found from Kodachrome was scanning at 6400 dpi, then reducing that huge file in PP. Like Sage said, the quality is not as good as looking through a loop, or comparing prints, but I thought the end product comparable to digital. Detail is not as fine, but the extra richness does transfer.

Black and white scans better than color, and I still think scanned film beats gray-scale conversions from digital.

I found the quality problem was more of matter of properly preparing the film/slide than the scanning technology--requires maticulous cleaning. The tiniest speck is enlarged as well, and if any residue is left from cleaning, it clouds the image.

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