X100 Beta Samples - Flat and uninspiring for me...

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Re: A Simple Question

If you had a RAW of that, you could decrease the contrast a bit to make the picture look a bit more natural.

ZoranC wrote:

Jon Rty wrote:

The landscape mode didn't confuse me at all, it only served to prove the point that the default NEX-5 output is indeed flat. Something you're apparently unable to disprove.

Just for the fun of it, below is the reprocessing of same sample that confused you by being in Landscape mode, this time in Standard mode. As anybody should be able to see output from NEX is far from flat you described it as.

Now that I keep showing samples that are proving my point, and you yet have to show one of your alleged flat samples from your NEX5 how about I call you up on it and suggest you should practice what you preach about proving/disproving and post some of those alleged flat samples you got?

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