First Kit - is this a good deal?

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Re: First Kit - is this a good deal?

Michael Thomas Mitchell wrote:

Normally, I find these kits to be an extremely poor value. However, I'm going to completely reverse my usual position on this one and say that this little kit would be pretty good for taking shots of your newborn at home. Why? Because it delivers simple, cool, even, and not-too-bright illumination for a tiny subject, all for about fifty bucks. Two stands, light holders, umbrellas, and daylight balanced bulbs. The only thing I think it's missing is one dedicated bag to keep it all together nice and compact when it's not in use.

Is there a downside? Sort of. Mostly, the continuous light aspects of it (sockets and bulbs) are pretty much worthless for anything else except tabletop ebay photography. Don't even begin to expect to take portraits of you with your wife and child, all three together... there's just nowhere near enough light. By the time you shoot those two 30/125 watt bulbs through white umbrellas, you'll be doing 3 second exposures. Even with the baby, you'll probably need to crank the ISO to 400 or so into order to hand hold (and that's WITH a stabilization system of some sort, depending upon your camera make).

But, when you're child has grown up a bit, you can use the bulbs around the house, ditch the sockets, and still use the stands and umbrellas. You definitely will have gotten your $54 worth.

So, forget the flashes for right now. Get this simple continuous lighting kit and shoot away. It's a great value for what you want to do.

Rick_Smith wrote:

I have a D7000 and a SB600...I'm looking to get something to take shots of my newborn at home....

I have a Fong diffuser, but want to get something better.

Would this be considered a good deal?

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