Can I overpower the sun with an SB900 in a soft box / umbrella ?

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I would like to expand a little on the initial question of overpowering the sun with a single speedlight...I often run in the exact problem and as said before it only works at very close range, but can you use auto FP (higher speed sync on nikons) to help overpowering the sun.? I do understand that the way nikon flashes can achieve these higher synch speeds is by flashing many times during the exposure, but that this reduces the overall output of the flash....So my question is the following: does auto fp reduce the flash power so much that you cannot use it to overpower the sun and bring back enough light on your subject? the high synch speed will reduce the sun exposure without affecting the flash, so if you can keep a decently opened aperture then can auto FP work to properly expose the subject?

I performed a couple of tests using HSS/Auto FP with varying degrees of success.

Success or failure will depend on your ambient metering (btwn 1/320th - 1/8000 sec), and how much flash power is available with an acceptable quality of light. Obviiosly, any modifier will only serve to further reduce available flash power. But this can sometimes be offset by changing the flash to subject distance (1/2 distance = 4x power).

Experiment with your flashes and modifiers under a different range of ambient readings and you'll find what works and what doesn't.

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