Enabling "Servo" mode on Metz 48 AF-1....

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Re: Enabling "Servo" mode on Metz 48 AF-1....

Catalana wrote:

Nice, more bang for your buck. What is the needed distance from the P/S to the flash sensor (I assume line of sight between the two)? Did you swivel the flash head to your target and the sensor to the P/S?

Edit: No worries, I read the other thread....

Even so, here's what I did.

Distance: As far as my left hand could reach, so a little over 2 feet from the camera. That was with the camera flash turned down to -2 stops. I suppose it could probably be 4 or 5 feet away at full flash. The problem is that since it needs to be basically in front of the camera, it needs to be moved out of the field of view. In order to do that, it needs to be pretty close to the camera.

Direction: This was the more important change, I think -- making the sensor face the camera. And yes, I did swivel the flash so that it pointed up to the ceiling while the sensor faced the camera.

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