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Re: digitalize 35mm slides

Leswick wrote:

There is another way to accomplish this. I saw someone on the forum using a macro lens and a slide projector refurbed with ground glass in the place of the lens. My guess is that a 90-105mm would work best. The guy even created trigger mechanism, allowing the projector to sync up with the camera....this way he wouldn't have to baby sit the set up. Yes, once the focus is set correctly (allowing some flexibility and breathing) and everything is tested, no doubt that you can rip through 1000+ slides per day.

He posted the pix from his set up vs the scanner he had.....and the camera won in this case.

If I'm going to get marginal increase in IQ even with better scanner and spend so much time + cash...will it be worth it ? Check it for yourself.

Here is my case, lets say I have 40,000 slides (appx number):

Camera + macro + slide projector w/switcher set up (3 sec or less/slide) = 33hrs (round it off to 1 week).

Scanner w/ICE and set up (3-5min/slide) = 50 to 83 weeks

Obviously, your mileage will vary. If I had only 100-300 slides, I'd have the best ones done commercially and scan the rest at lower resolutions....renting the scanner.


PS I didn't include any pp time.

Did you overlook the main part regarding a reference to where the information/example may be found with an active link

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