Traded my SLR in for a G12...loving it!

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Re: Traded my SLR in for a G12...loving it!

A common theme emerges.. me too.

My eyes opened to the world of digital photography after counting the cost of film, it's too easy with the internet to become a collector rather than a photographer. It's also too easy to see an inspirational image and convince yourself that with that same lens/cam combo you'd do the same... forgetting that the most important part of any camera is the eye that looks through the viewfinder [or at the screen...]

I haven't used the 24-105L on an 'out and about' shoot for a long time. Too heavy, too bulky. I still use reglularly the SLR [for the 100-400L which is my wildlife combination], but for everything else the 28-135mm equivalent of the G12 does perfectly.

This obsession with miniaturisation is OK, but the G12 is hardly a giant. It might not fit in a jeans pocket, but given that when I walkabout it's in my hand, so who cares!

Great light, great shots come and go, and the important thing is that as a photographer, I saw and recorded them. No point having a 1D mark 4, or a D3X, if it's at home because you needed to push a pushchair, carry a nappy change bag, grab your phone and car keys ,and hold the shopping bags.

Likewise, the high ISO performance is fine when printed. Available light photography is when you have your camera with you to shoot the light that's available... and besides, being so small, there's a hundred places to call a tripod if you so wish.

If you require longer focal lengths, keep the SLR, sell the shorter focal length lenses. I'm keeping a fast fifty and the long L. The 24-105 is about to go in the small ads, great lens though it is.

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