Costa Rica trip - Liberia area - any suggestions?

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Scanlon wrote:

Wow! Great photos. I will not have a car. Just staying for a week, so rather short. I know there's a lot to see. I just have to decide if I want to do the long rides. 3-4 hours seems long to get a few hours of activity, so we'll see. I think we'll defintiel;y go to to Monteverde. Arenal and Marco Antonio seem a little far from where I will be, though. I do know that Palo Verde is very popular and affords some good photo ops. Not sure about some of the other excursions, from the photo aspect. I'm very serious about the photography side of it, for the short time we'll be there, but I will be with my wife, so it's not all devoted to that. She's good with that side of it, though, and had a camera (for snapshots, etc.) long before I did. Thanks for your replies.

If you're ambitious you can get quite a lot done in a week. Consider renting a car (and absolutely a GPS), so you can be on your own time and schedule. A GPS is required for navigating Costa Rica, as most places do not have an address. The "address" system is composed of landmarks; so for example, instead of your hotel at 123 Main Street, the address is "200m past the city church, left for 50m, right at the tienda, 0.5k... etc.). If you ask a local, typical directions are given based on previous landmarks, such as "go down the road and turn right where the old church used to be that burned down last year." It's great fun.

If you don't speak any Spanish, don't expect much help from locals - Spanish goes a long way, even a few phrases.

Consider heading north into Nicaragua and take a ferry out to island(s) in the middle of the lake. Some nice hikes out there and beautiful vistas of all of the south of Nicaragua.

Look on Google Maps and simple set your destinations to any of the nearby national parks. All of them are protected and offer beautiful wildlife opportunities.

If you don't rent a car and go with a tour company, make sure they have a licensed guide. As silly as this might sound, licensed guides make all the difference in the world when looking for wildlife. They know when and where to spot things, and I guarantee you'll see at least 10x more with a licensed guide than with no guide at all.

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