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Sometimes I promise myself not to get caught up in these printer profiling threads, but I can't help myself. I have a Spyder3Print system and am able to get very decent profiles. I have had the chance to compare my Spyder3Print profiles against some X-Rite Pulse profiles (same paper and ink) that were generated from targets I printed and sent out. These were for a Canon Pro9000 Mk II. A visual exam didn't reveal any great differences. One area of difference was in Blues. Due to a recommendation from another dpreview poster about a Blue to Purple shift in Datacolor targets, I had done a +10 Hue shift in the Blue channel. My Spyder3Print Blues were a different shade than the X-Rite Pulse Blues (these appear truer). I have since stopped doing the Hue shift. But, unfortunately, when I went to print new targets I found a Magenta clog in my Pro9000 printhead that cannot be completely fixed - works for a few prints and then shows a clog again. Long story short - called Canon and they have promised a free replacement. Problem - there are no Pro9000 printheads in stock right now and the few available online are going for something over $100. I'll wait for my free one. But I have been making Spyder3Print profiles for my ip4500 - most of my prints are on 8.5" X 11" paper anyway. All my profies are using the 224 patch targets and the results are excellent.

The Spyder3Print is not the easiest device to use - getting the scanning speed correct and such. But there are several built-in tools that make profile generation better - especially the Export tool that allows you to send the scan to a spreadsheet for analysis. I do at least 2 complete scans and export the two results to a spreadsheet that calculates the Delta-E for each color square. Most of the times the Delta-E is less than 1 (very good from what I have read). If I get a way out of whack reading, I go back and individually read those blocks and re-export and compare. It is not too hard to get all the Delta-Es less than one. I then average those two scans (another Datacolor tool) and make the Profile. The only editing I do is turn off Absolute Grays for glossy papers (like the newest Costco Kirkland Glossy) and sometimes increase the brightness a little. I have also done four scans, two averages and then an average of the averages. A lot of work and not much improvement in Delta-E. The few values that I get really different shows me that the Datacolor device reads consistently.

The printouts of a group of Test files I have give very good results - even to color shadings in B&W parts of the file. It is so amazing what different lighting conditions do to B&W prints. I always try to look at them in filtered sunshine (daylight).

Again these are my experiences with the Datacolor unit. I don't have their monitor calibrator since I already had an I1D2 before I decided to get into printer profiling. Actually I used Profile Prism before Spyder3Print - getting PP to work could also be interesting.

Steve W.

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