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Re: Very informative Sean...

...This really clears up the mystery for me.

Sean Nelson wrote:

For many years the rate of advancement for was to double the capacity around every two years. A couple of years ago everything seemed to grind to a halt as drive manufacturers bumped up against the 2GB limitation imposed by the MBR-style partition table. A solution has been available for quite a while in the form of the GUID partition table, but motherboard manufacturers have been sitting on their hands instead of incorporating the necessary changes into the BIOS. And I understand that the chipset drivers for some of the popular motherboard chipsets have the same problems.

As a result the hard drive vendors have balked at releasing drives larger than 2GB because they won't work as most people expect them to. It's a sure-fire recipe for a support nightmare for them, so they've been waiting for the situation to resolve itself.

3TB drives are starting to trickle out. Drives in external enclosures are less likely to have issues because they use different and generally more compatible drivers. Internal drives are coming too, but right now WD sells them with a bundled controller to get around the motherboard issues.

Hopefully in a year or so the impasse will be solved and forward progress will resume as usual.

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