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Re: Apps to batch upload to Dropbox

Ok Thanks

nick101 wrote:

You can't save/export from LR to the iPad; you have to get the pics across using iTunes. iTunes will sync from a folder on the Mac, and allows for subfolders (which will show up as Albums on the iPad). So if you export from LR to a folder (or set of folders), you can sync them and get the pics on that way.

Hope that makes sense

JulesJ wrote:

Hi Nick

Yes I tried that and it worked fine. I couldn't though do it the other way and get images from LR3 to the iMac. Is it possible. The iPad doesn't show up as a destination at all, all i get is
at the top

and in the Export To drop down the iPad is not listed and Choose opens the Mac Finder but the iPad once again is not listed.

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