Why no chatter about the F550EXR?

Started Feb 9, 2011 | Discussions thread
PolarHki Regular Member • Posts: 339
Re: Because it's likely to be unimpressive - Sadly

If they'd have started with a 2um sensor, placed it on a 1/1.6" format, and used glass starting @ f2 we'd have had more then 3 steps of sensitivy improvement without resorting to EXR And we'd still have had EXR for more. Such a design would have still made powerfull use of BSI, (Sony stated they gained a doubling of sensitivity using BSI @ 1.75um) and have delivered 12M of resolution (6 under EXR, still plenty), and still have been quite compact.

That camera would be impressive. Give me 28 x 200 range, keep the viewfinder, and it should come in smaller close to the LX5 in size. It would be pockatable, have all the CMOS tricks, and still have had EXR tricks at it's pisposal.

I fully agree. I have the F200, with which I am pretty satisfied, but I have been highly unimpressed by any camera that Fuji offered after that. (Maybe excluding the X100, but that's totally another category.)

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