Costa Rica trip - Liberia area - any suggestions?

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Re: Costa Rica trip - Liberia area - any suggestions?

A week is somewhat limited time. I can't help with tour companies, My time there was back in 1982 on a sailboat, holed up for hurricane/rainy season for almost 6 months at Playa de Cocos, near Liberia.

The coastline around there is rocky, many areas with rock cliffs into the sea. Can be a dramatic landscape shot. This should be a drier season, so I don't know about waterfalls, etc. Local wildlife includes howler monkeys, and small white faced monkeys. The howlers are somewhat reclusive, but it is possible to get a picture.

Arenal Volcano (active) is a interesting landscape, and tour companies do go up there.

Monteverde is a rain forest at about 5000ft in the mountains. Very green, interesting wildlife, wet and cooler than near the coast so dress for it.

There is a biological reserve on the coast south of Puntarenas, I forget the name. Crocodiles in the river, lots of birds, etc.

At least back when I was there, the local girls were definitely not camera shy. If I poiinted my camera anywhee near them they would start posing, wanting to get their picture taken.

If you have any underater gear, the snorkling/diving is good.

Have fun

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