Advice on budget laptop for travel and Lightroom

Started Feb 26, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Re: Advice on budget laptop for travel and Lightroom

Mark van Dijk wrote:

Dear all,

I am going to travel and like to buy a new laptop for processing my Canon 5DMII photos on with lightroom. It should be a budget laptop (max. € 650), so I have to sacrifice some things.

Any advice to help me make my decision for a good value for money laptop is appreciated a lot?

I had the same goal a few months ago and ended up with a HP dm4-1160. It's a 14" lightweight (4.4 lbs) laptop with a Core i5 processor. It has an HDMI output and is WiDi capable. It can be found in the US discounted for around US$600.

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