Am I crazy to go 35mm w/ negative scans?

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Am I crazy to go 35mm w/ negative scans?

I've been digital since the canon d30 back in 2000. I've been through many of the nicer bodies available, right down to the latest Nikon d7000.

After stumbling across a Nikon f4 on fleabay for the cost of a pair of sneakers, I am loving the "vintage" feeling I get when using this camera with film.

After looking at the beautiful prints, i realize that I want the best of both worlds. I want the nice nostalgic 35mm camera, but also want to further enhance the images.

Sooooo, this brings me to getting a film scanner. Im willing to purchase a decent one.


1) Will I be disappointed in the image quality coming from a 7200 dpi scan, compared to a Nikon 16mp DSLR image?

2) the "hobby" of shooting film, and simply getting negatives developed, while maintaining the privelige of printing my own images seems like fun:)
Am I insane? Or is this something you folks are still doing?

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